Bondage(?) and an exhibition

Date: 4/16/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

So I was in a hotel. At the end of the corridor there was the room of this woman. She was around forty I think. I arrived there with bondage tape, my mouth shut with it and dressed sexy. I cannot remember exactly what happened but people started entering the room. Other women of her age. They were touching me everywhere. One of them ripped the bandage that kept my mouth shut, started kissing me and made me swallow her spit. Another one was fingering me vigorously. She was standing aside. I got offended, I did not want those other ones. I ripped the last bit of tape I had hanging from my face and left almost crying. It turns out that I am in a mall (yes, the usual mall with the hotel and stuff I always dream of). I was with Egidio. We came to the entrance of something that looked like an exhibition or so. It was shaped like a bubble. Transparent light blue with translucent pink bits. Looked like a mermaid cave or something. I remember we were discussing about something though I do not remember what. In the end we decide to enter the place.