Date: 3/16/2017

By kidneypunch

It started with this Avalanche and we got stuck in this house we were crashing at. I tried to dig m way out of it but I only got stuck. It kind of became a blur after that. I ended up finding a way out and we choose to climb a path. I pushed it out of the way, (I forgot to write down what...) and an old man fell from the ceiling. The place was like a giant green house or something similar. Another person ended up falling through the glass. Water came rushing in from below and everyone ended up drowning. Only two people and myself made it out. When the water finally settled; everyone began to leave and everyone was walking on the glass roof; (even after two people fell in... we never learn!) I left, catching up with someone. The dream ended with everyone singing 'Silent Night' and myself watching people leave into the horizon.