Sunrise on a Sunset

Date: 6/3/2017

By nebulae1

There was a group of girls at my house-the one in real life- and they were my friends (not real people I know), and my dad, a guy who was his friend, and an older teen guy there whom was super hot and we all thought so. He was a lot older than us and was the oldest "kid" there. He kept to himself and read comic books a lot. He seemed like a "bad boy" with blonde, long, kinda messy hair and wearing a leather jacket and like didn't didn't care about what anyone thought of him. I remember wanting to impress him so he would notice me. SCENE CHANGE. (Same dream) I was standing on a pier, it came off a boardwalk. I was facing the water in a semi circle of people who were also facing the water. Where the half circle ended, it was opened up to view the water and sky. No one stood there except for him, the stranger. He stood facing me, seeming to stare at me, still as a statue. I couldn't read the emotion in his face, I guess for two reasons; he seemed to have the kind of face that can easily disguise emotions and also because the sky was starting to get light behind him. It was strange. The sky was setting, yet getting somehow brighter, burning deep with colors. There was no sun. The lights of the carnival to my right were twinkling. The water ahead was calm. We were all watching the sunset. I took my eyes off the stranger and just watched the sky. He continued to stare at me. The sky was astonishing. Instead of it starting on the horizon and it traveling up the sky, a sunrise started in the middle of the sky somewhat ahead and over me. A sunrise on top of a sunset. It was like someone took a pin and pierced the sky and out of the hole, billowing clouds of blues and purples started to spread across the sky, and all the other colors in the rainbow, too. They all came out in really big, floofy, chalky, cloud bombs. I was absolutely mesmerized. The colors spilled out in a reverse rainbow, imitating a sunrise in cloud form. The guy was still watching me, not moving, not saying anything. Just staring straight at me. I didn't look at him, I couldn't take my eyes off the sky. Then the red came. It was... amazing. It was the most purest, deepest, most astonishing, powerful red I've ever seen, and it was spreading. It looked like a huge, colorful dust storm in the air. Like a big color bomb in the sky. The red never went away and I never saw the sun. It was just powerful colors and intense red and it was so amazing. It definitely stole the show. The colors never seemed to fully spread across the sky- the seemed to stay in a cluster of color, to be viewed. To send a message. Everything after the red came happened in slow motion. I looked down at the guy who was staring at me. He held my gaze for a couple seconds before turning to his left and he walked away, into the boardwalk, and vanished. I continued watching the sky.