Man in the car

Date: 5/11/2019

By mikaila_dream

The dream started off with me looking out the door towards the road which is pretty close to the road when a guy rides by in a red old fashioned car and he just creepily stares me down . He even takes the time to back up and look at me a again thats when i close the door and make sure the doors are locked. Anyway he ends up coming to the door and my mom opens it and he forces his way in my mom kindia dispears at this point and he tells me how pretty i am before he rapes me. (Not going into detail about that). He leaves i call the cops and give them a discrption. I cry through out the dream about it i feel ashamed and i dont tell any of my friends. Before the dream ends im at this grill like the one in vampire diaries and i see him eating sald and whisper to everyone call the cops thats the guy who raped me.