Date: 8/13/2019

By Friesandnuggets

Priyanka Chopra was interviewing Benedict Cumberbatch in some oldish building. There were on the top floor and there was a big balcony on either side. There was a long red carpet down the middle of the room and they sat by the pale brick wall at a brown desk. He originally sat opposite her but she moved his chair round to the side. She also got a bigger chair and sat a bit too close to him. I don’t really remember what she asked him but he was wearing red trousers. Then it cut to a voiceover saying that for one final treat everyone was going to surprise him with a pride celebration. Everyone is dressed in rainbow colours and there’s music. Everyone is on the balcony where a temporary stand has been built. It’s getting dark and I climb to the top of the stand and look out to the city. It’s a bit wobbly but I get to the top. I see his car driving along and originally he was pulling a sad face and was doing a thumbs down out of the window. I started waving frantically and he smiled and waved back. I was so happy I ran home (some weird flat) and I couldn’t stop smiling. I then began telling people that no one else was at the top and so he could only have been waving to me although I don’t know if that was true.