This was so crazy... First LD

Date: 9/22/2019

By kochu

I don't rem much cause I am writing this late..well..I actually thought that I was lucid dreaming and I thought that I successfully did it .I was in my home and in my grandma's room and I went off for a sleep then I remember me talking off the bed and I thought why and how it happened then I took a look at my hands to do a reality check to my astonishment I realized that I was dreaming.and I tried to make my hands invisible and they did and then I came out through the walls....this experience was extremely vivid and felt really real then I remember waking up in my grandma's bedroom .i was so happy that I successfully did a lucid dream .I told everyone about it.the feeling was more of an astral projection than a lucid dream I guess .later I again woke up my astonishment I still was dreaming and I couldn't understand that this fact blew my mind away .I really thought that I actually did it but what I actually achieved is the that I became lucid in a drem which I entered from another dream.i also had dreams of someone trying to kill me by torturing me I don't rem much but this series of dreams was the best close one I ever had and I hope that I will reach lucidity soon .