Driving and walking at night

Date: 3/24/2017

By dixsilence

So I was driving a car, it has been years since I got to drive so I was really rusty. While driving through my town I didn't really controlled the car, I stopped with difficulty, almost ran over an old lady, the car didn't​ stop at all, etc. THEN I realised I was driving from the back seat (?) so I changed and everything was sorta ok. Now I'm in front of an old nerd store, I was looking for something but it was to late at night. I decided to sleep in front of the store in the street. After a while I heard people screaming and talking downtown, I went to see what was all about. There was a stampede of ducks and gooses screaming while the people were running with them.Wtf. After this I antes to go to a park so I followed the duck carnival until I stopped in front of an really old Gothic church, it was beautiful. I turned around and it was morning, the walls of the church reached to a open space big as a airport, the floor was all with marble and water fountains. After a while I got to a place where people were taking baths completely naked, even big muscular men tried to flirt with me so I got the fug out, lol. Weird.