Date: 8/30/2019

By Krista_K

(I remember this clearly) So me and Cydney we’re talking I guess and then we suddenly walked onto a court with badminton nets. They were all separated by large gym mats hanging from the ceiling, so the only net visible was the one right beside the door. Cydney, who I guess was automatically my partner, ran to the first net and called me over. There were already two people there, Oliver and Mitchell. I was like, hmm isn’t this a little bit uneven, we’re going to lose. But Cydney has already gone up to shake their hands at the net, so I did the same, first Oliver then Mitchell. So I started heading back when the birdie flew over my head and landed on the court. I tried to reach it but I failed and stumbled, but it turns out they were just giving it to us. I served, behind the line but near the middle of the court (it was hard to serve because the wall was close to the back line). My serve went over pretty far (I may have controlled that part of the dream because I wanted it to go far but I’m not strong enough to play back and get it over the net very far) And Mitchell hit it back but near the net and to the right of where I was standing. So Cydney, being the awesome partner she was, jumped and slammed the birdie down onto their side, straight to the ground. We got one point, and then I woke up. Just saying, we won