new house, pool, stolen

Date: 8/9/2017

By carpetbathroom

i think it started out with my family buying a new house despite the fact that we had just bought one when we were looking there was one house with a separate kids room with like a castle? this new house wasn't as nice as the other new one (irl new one) and didn't have a pool after this i think i was in the secondhand bookshop in the deeper part of pike place market and em was there. a man stole something and em was the one who ran after him (their father?). i put my shoes on after some hesitation and followed. there was some kind of lobby around the corner, with some kind of event? i didn't find the man but i found em. after that i think i was in a pool/by some kind of bike track with dan and dylan and dans friends. i don't remember much about this but i think it was near the yard of dream new house. this turned into a party with my family but not my family? i had a strange hat that may have had something to do with coco chanel. the food setup was elaborate but weird. there were tubs of colorful ice creams behind a glass window but no real way to scoop them. i thought about the "x machine broke" meme? at some point this shifted into disappearing children. there was some symbol with the silhouettes of two children facing each other with one other person in the middle behind them. it glowed and showed another person when another child was absorbed. at some point i became a different person, a child, and realized that i wasn't safe. the reason being that earlier i had hidden deep in the house and thought about becoming a lamp. the children who got taken were the ones who pretended to be furniture or got too close to the house