Date: 4/29/2017

By Syn99

( kinda disturbing btw ) My mother seemed very ill, tired an delirious. We went to a mall to pick something up for a younger ( also ill ) sibling of mine who'd stayed home. It was a flower bracelet or something with a flower on it. In the store she collapsed and I consoled her, telling her that everything would be fine. She laughed and said I couldn't possibly have known that. Upon leaving the store my mother felt better though was no more mentally stable. She fell in and tried to swim in a coin pond, then had to be pulled out by my father and I. I don't remember what happened next but I don't get the feeling it was good. --/ Then I shut the door and traversed a small dark hallway. To my right it went on several feet, though the door I needed to go through was just across the door I'd just closed. Entering this room something caught my eye in the little hallway. It was a small dog, pure white and glowing. It had boar like tusks and a flat face, but wasn't bigger than a yorkie. It ran past me, though looked oddly artificial as i couldn't actually see it's legs move as it walked. I yelled to my father ( who I seemed to think was still just behind the door we came through ) and asked, "we didn't bring a little white runt did we?!" The knowing that we hadn't made me wary of the dog. It was then I realized there were two dogs. The other was similar in color, but had a longer face. I knelt down in the doorway of the room and the hall, petting the tusked dog's face. It didn't move like a normal dogs, and then it seemed to rip apart. The other dog of long face's transformation cam more quickly and overpowered me. It's eyes were black, and it's long snout now so filled with teeth it couldn't close. Spit leaked from its mouth and I put each hand on a top and bottom jaw. I ripped the creature in half. Then I woke up