Woke up Laughing 3 Times

Date: 8/5/2017

By seascarlet

I was very giggly in my sleep last night, which doesn't normally happen. The dreams I remember: 1: I was talking to Jeff about how cats rub their scent all over things with their mouth glands, and saying it would be funny if they had to use their armpits. 2: I was talking to Jenna about how I believe my center of gravity to be in my butt, and if I were a superhero I'd be like Powdered Toast Man from Ren and Stimpy and beat ppl up with my butt and fly backwards. 3: In this dream I was given a gift hand-crafted by a mom who said it was inspired by her kid. He'd lost his blue paint in the bathtub and was sad about having to drain the tub, so she made a small box out of blue transparency sheets that took the light from a room and made the walls look as though they were blue. It was supposed to represent the bathtub full of blue paint water. Funny thing though, your eyes quickly adjusted to the unnatural blue hue in the room until you didn't see it anymore. The only really noticeable thing was when you took the box away and the light returned to normal. Then suddenly everyone around you looked deathly pale and the walls looked almost florescent. I started using this box to play tricks on people at parties. I'd be nonchalant about turning the room blue and they didn't seem to notice. Then after I knew our eyes had all adjusted I'd say something about not feeling well and that they didn't look so good either. When they looked at me again, I and everyone else would be that deathly pale hue and it would freak them out.