My ear split and my mom didn't care!

Date: 2/9/2019

By pinkstar16121

I remember I was at some event that took place in a room in my house, the one with the fireplace and it felt like I was at my internship because I had these yellow papers that looked like my work logs I hand in every week and I remember my friend from high school being there and she was stressing out, saying she couldn't do this. We were in an elevator at that point and she just walked away. I also remember when I was in my fireplace room it was my sister's birthday and people were giving her cards and my stepmom gave her a card and I saw she put a professional signature like where you state your professional position. I half read it and I saw she had written some big long thing and all I read was administrative so I was like "oh, she's an administrator now where she works." She works at a daycare irl as a teacher and she doesn't have a college degree so she wouldn't be able to do that. It was really weird. I also vividly remember I had something on my ear lobe, like almost embedded inside the flesh and I was trying to get it out and I did but I ended up splitting my ear lobe or rather it was like I took a chunk right off in the process and then it just gradually got worse and my whole ear was split in half and I was freaking out. It was the same ear that I did actually split the love on irl five years ago after I had some kind of allergic reaction to an earring that was also hurting my ear but stupid me I kept wearing them and it caused my ear lobe to split. I freaked out during that too of course and went to the ER but it was a cosmetic thing and I had to get plastic surgery to get it cut open and stitched so it would fuse back together when it healed so it's all good now and I still haven't gotten my ear repierced because I'm afraid it will happen again but the surgeon said as long as I don't pierce it in the same spot and go up higher it should be fine but I'm still a little scared to. the dream I was freaking out when I saw my whole ear was split in half and the only thing that was okay was that piece of flesh that is right next to the ear canal that you block it with when you hold your ears when you hear something loud. Looking up the name of it's called a tragus. I don't even know how it escalated to that extreme but it did but what was so upsetting was that I told my mom about it and showed her and I said we have to go get it fixed. It didn't hurt or anything for some reason but it was more like just a nuisance aesthetically if you know what I mean, like it obviously didn't look normal and I didn't like that. This is how it was irl when i split the lobe; it wasn't a medical emergency but a cosmetic thing. My mom was concerned irl and that's why we went to the ER but in the dream she told me to just relax that I was overreacting and that I overreact to every little thing. I was getting angry and trying to explain to her why I thought it happened because my ear flesh was more tender now since the first incident and I was afraid this would happen. She wouldn't listen and so I just kept repeating, "its tender." and I was like "do you know what tender means?!" like i was trying to prove a point that my ear being tender meant I was in dire need of care. Its funny to me now. The last part I remember is my dad coming to my house and using the bathroom and then I heard him flush and I groaned, throwing my head back in frustration because we weren't supposed to flush because we are having an issue with the water. This clearly was reflected from real life since last night my mom discovered the toilet had been running for most likely a few hours and so we need to conserve right now. We use well water so that is why but in the dream I heard the flush go on for a while and I was getting annoyed and I told my mom that my dad had flushed the toilet. I woke up after that.