Dead in the driveway pt 2

Date: 6/12/2017

By gaybriel

the same things happened here as in part 1. I saw my friend and we were both 10, she was dead in the driveway. I somehow ended up driving a tractor with my mom and brother, and I couldn't stop crying. I pulled over and let my mom drive while I sat in the back. she apparently didn't want to drive and turned the tractor and the thing it was pulling into toys, and I kept walking ahead. she got very angry at us for not picking up the toys and called us lazy and ignorant. next thing I knew I was in my friend's house, still crying. her parents seemed fine, and told me that she had developmental growth issues (which is kind of true? she was a premie baby) and they were surprised she even lived this long. She asked me if I wanted a mango, I said yes. I closed my eyes and kept sobbing as my mom and K's mom talked, and I could see a little list of a bunch of people to mourn, and how long I'd been mourning them? I couldn't see any faces to go with them however. the dream ended there and I woke up crying.