Date: 7/29/2017

By justhannah

I think I was at college and I was staying in this room with a friend. We had to go out to like his party area were there was this dance floor and that big guy from the star crossed show and secret life of a teenager show. We were in this tiny house things running from something I think. And we were all called to this party room. It was really small and had a dance floor in the center. I went to one side, my friend rana went and stood across from me random ppl filled in the spots next to her. Then my crush, gentonis, and his friends walk in and his friends are telling him to stand next to me so he does and I'm like turning red and everything. Anyways. A meeting or something happens and we're called back to or rooms. I start recording for some reason and end up catching a ghost on camera. It was like an actual person walking and then a like shadow moving on the chair. So I kept trying to show ppl and no one would look. Then my mom came to visit and just as I was about to show her, I woke up.