The Earthquake and Eruption

Date: 2/25/2017

By titikoma

I don't remember how all started. All I know that suddenly I was at my old junior high school building. I was with my college friends. And the earth started shaking, we ran outside and laid our selves down to the land. I didn't feel any scared at all. We were not panic either. It happened three times I guess. And then the setting moved into one big house I felt strange of. There were lots of people inside. They were busy by their own. Until I saw there was a volcano erupted, it was located not too far from the house. Then I shouted them to get away, evacuation. They were picked up by 2 SUV and city cars so we had to go on a shift. And I was on the lastest shift to be evacuated. I waited inside the house with some people. All I can remember that was my mother, and my brother had gone first. I talked with my mother but I don't remember what the topic was. The dream ended up by me asking to my previous musical teacher in SHS that I thought he was leading the evacuation. I asked, "Was the street in traffic and rush?" And he answered, "Very much." I had not been picked up yet, but that time, I was sure I would be evacuated, and I didn't feel any panic at all.