Peter was my boyfriend and mad at me.. muderers at a party!

Date: 3/11/2019

By levinelover

Me and Peter were a couple, but it wasn’t a healthy relationship. He was always mad at me. While he was at work, I sweetly cuddled with him while he was sitting down at a tiny table. He embraced it and wasn’t mad at me in that moment, although since I cuddled with him at work he got fired, which made him extremely mad. He was always mad at me because something I said triggered him. Me and him were sitting in the backseat of a car together and something I said made him angry. I sweetly touched him face and sweetly said “Baee look at me, look on my eyes. Are you upset?” almost in a baby voice. I thought what I said was normal, I didn’t understand why it made him upset in the first place. I was really annoyed with how unstable he was and knew he’d probably get mad at me over everything. At one point sometime in the dream I started to cuddle with him and he couldn’t stay mad at me. He was mad, and I pressed myself against him. He was still angry until I started to cuddle, then he just couldn’t resist how sweet and cute I was being and gave in, not angry anymore. We were still in the backseat of the car with friends and came to our destination. Even though he was still annoyed with me and there was a lot of tension we still went out, and it was outside with a lot of trees! A lot of those skinny teenage trees (I wouldn’t call them babies cause they were taller than me) but they still needed support. When we eventually all got back in the car Peter sat in the middle leaving me all alone in the back, and I was thinking well fuck you too. I started feeling petty, so I call Ryan on the phone instead of chatting with Peter and told Ryan “Hey bae, how was your day? I love you” I was on that phone with Ryan for a longg time. At the end of the dream, I went to a party. There were muderers at the party trying to hunt everyone down! I fell asleep at this party, and I used all my willpower to try to Snapchat in my sleep, so I could watch them and see the murderers when I woke up. I kept trying to wake up, thinking it was just a dream! When I “woke up” I was being interviewed by the news!