Phantom of the opera shit

Date: 8/1/2019

By Jessicaagaylordd

This guy was with me like over my shoulder helping me or something it was very phantom of the opera setting. And there was a storm over the ocean on the edge of a cliff where this big place was a house a mansion idk. And there was a rope dangling over these stormy waters and stormy sky and he wAs there and I was holding onto this rope and it was like he was helping me hold on like he was my protector and then he was drawing me a bath and then while I was in the bath it overflowed and I couldn’t get it to stop and then in another room I believe to be my room the floor was like a big writing pad but you didn’t touch it or use a pen you just waved your hand and used your hand in the air and wrote on it and I saw this mans signature the one that was standing there with me once again so I started writing my signature over and over again. And then I woke up.