Crazy! Weird! Dream!

Date: 5/5/2019

By Deanren1981

I awoken this morning with this fucked up dream that I can't get out of my head. Its fragmented like all dream's are, so I'll do my best to lay it out. I remember flying over an abottoir, and seeing humanoid cow's, smoking cigars, chopping up people, laughing, and sniggering as they were doing it. I can also remember the smell of the place, like dead rotting meat. All of a sudden I was flying over London, but it had New York landmarks, like the statue of liberty, and the empire state building. Everything was a burgundy red colour. I noticed all the building's, and bridges n' that had dieing humanity stuck to them. All the people were still alive, dismembered, screaming. I then heard a loud rumbling, and saw a tsunami coming towards me from the horizon. I flew as high as I could to get away from it, and I could feel the wind n' the spray from it as it passed underneath me. It was really big, at least a thousand foot high. It was a deep red in colour n' had bones n' God knows what amongst it. It obliterated everything in it's path. I was then suddenly in an other place. A dark, slimy place. I couldn't fly any more. I was still. Paralysed! I then saw these humanoid ant, demon things, and they showed me the destruction of the earth through this weird machine thing. I was then in an other place, underwater. I could see dead people n' fish all around me. I was sinking deeper n' deeper. The water was getting darker n' colder. Then I woke up. Wow! That was a fucked up dream.