Eagle or parrot or

Date: 2/14/2017

By ash_gui

Dream was longer but i remembered from this part. I was on rooftop of my neighbor's house with my two friends. We saw an eagle flying with a rabbit in his grip. And trying to eat it. people were attacking the eagle. the eagle finally landed at our roof. My friend got scared and tried to run downstairs. I gripped her hand because I was afraid that she will slip and fall. we came downstairs in the room. The eagle was following us. But for some reason it was a parrot now. Our neighbor said it's wild let it fly away. I opened the door of the balcony. It flew and sat on a wire. A little girl in next building started to make a trap for it. My friend started doing laundry. my dead dog Kelly was there. also another grumpy dog named g8t. It was a huge dog. my friend was turning back and forth into my little sister and she was teasing the big dog. the dog was getting angry on me...