Killed: Mob

Date: 4/7/2019

By AzaleahRiddle

I got killed so many times in my dreams that I started to think that maybe this scene that I am seeing is my past lifes. If only I could die in a realistic ways.    You might be thinking that 'Hey! The title sounds like realistic!' Well, think again. I am in school again this time. As I was about to go home, a classmate of mine (Rilland) handed me an envelope saying that it's a warning and then suddenly he combust. Yup, just like that, he is suddenly burning and surrounded by flames. So I can't remember if I read it or not. Anyways we will be skipping to the next part that I can remember. I can fly. Wait. That is so sudden, let's backtrack a bit. So I am in the school's covered court when I tried to jump then whoosh, I am flying (I told you it's not realiatic). Then the next thing I know there is this mob or a group of students that is following me and wanted to kill me. I am flying low that a little jump they could already pull me down. However when I tried to go up there is this something that is stopping me. It's like there is a wall above or a restriction. Strangely enough, even if they are following me, they are not jumping up to reach me. Skipping again, because I forgot how the transition happened but I am in the back of a guy while he is climbing a building (up to fourth floor) to escape the mob. And that's that.