WW2 Ships and Ocean Explosions

Date: 7/22/2017

By kayeherl98

My parents and I were on a cruise when we suddenly got word that there were these huge exploding synthetic volcanoes undersea that were weapons specifically targeting ships. We abandoned our cruise ship and ended up on this world war 2 era battleship that was getting hoisted out of the water by this crane specifically invented to protect the battleships against these sorts of things. We got dropped back down into the water which was scary because it was a really high drop but after we got back down me and a few of the people that had taken refuge on the battleship decided to make it our mission to try and save various boats with the cranes and I met this really weird Irish dude who had like come from another world where they were at war (apparently that's where the exploding synthetic volcanoes had come from and the Russians got to them first and declared war on us or something) and we kept having these really close calls but we always managed to save all these different ships with the help of the Irish dude who had been undercover with the Russians for awhile so he knew when things were going to happen. I don't know what happened next, but the dream eventually shifted directions and went somewhere else with something more mundane happening.