Cruise Ship with No Bedrooms

Date: 4/6/2019

By randybobandy

I was getting on a cruise ship with two non-existent sisters and a non-existent grandma. It was a luxurious ship. But the private rooms were first come first serve. My family was one of the last to get on. I needed a room so I pushed through and tried to find the bedrooms as soon as possible. I walked through restaurants and game areas and finally found a downstairs area with 20 bedrooms. They were all taken. I didn't know what to do. My sisters were complaining that they wanted to eat and do fun things and not walk around aimlessly hoping to find a room. I kept insisting I needed somewhere to keep and store my luggage and somewhere private to sleep and stay. They didn't understand. Later that night I walked down a hallway of bedrooms that were all taken. My grandma was at the end of the hall, she was looking for me and she was furious. I was also furious. Somehow we got into a serious physical fight. I remember broken glass being involved.