The magic wand

Date: 6/10/2017

By richilye

I was in my elementary school. I went to class since it was about to start. I went and took a seat near my friend. Then I saw a girl that looked like Karina with a toy in her hands. It was a magic wand toy, those that you give for kids, and that one had some lights in it that light up when you press a button, this one was pink and had sort of a heart on the top. I heard she saying: "There is one of these everywhere" and she said something more than that, that was saying that they disguise real magic wands in between kids toys and she managed to get one. She was going to show some tricks when the teacher scolded her, some time passed. Me and my friend were talking about this new eraser. Then a friend who was in the mid area of class got striked by thunder. He then became something like a super agresaive and an irrational being. he started attacking people and I picked the wand from the teacher's desk. I used it to teleport back in time a few minutes. When I did it, I was near my seat, then I sat down. (I don't remember if there was 2 wands now or not). I started trying to learn how to use it while I had time. I got something from it, but I don't remember what it was. To use it, I just needed to say what I wanted to happen. I was messing with it for a bit, then the teacher saw and put me looking at the wall for some reason. He then tried to get my wand, then I went back in time again, so I wouldn't get scolded. Then I told my friend to throw erasers at our friend in the back.. Because that was going to prevent the lighting from affecting him, or I enchanted them, but I don't remember doing that. So the lighting hit him and got repelled by the erasers that got stuck on him... Then everyone outside started screaming Apparently the lighting stroke on more people. The same thing happened to them, I went outside and started using my wand to turn them back to normal. They were fast and I had to get close for the spell to work. Something broke my wand, and it automatically repaired itself with tape. Near the principals office was a human sized shrek, it was strong and I managed to turn it back to normal. I went in the bathroom and did someone else. When I was leaving the bathroom I noticed the state of my wand. Then I saw shrek's wife near the gate (I forgot her name), I went to cleanse her when she started biting my wand, and broke it even more, then it turned green. I asked it to repair itself, then it became a normal wand without any magic on it, it also became brown like wood but filled like it was a tope, so I tied it in my left arm while I was running. I was feeling super sad having lost that thing... Scene change... I was watching a movie that someone made for me of me fighting the "things". My mom saw me with the wand or a replica of it and she said something mean, like I wasn't a girl, so I shouldn't have a wand...