Date: 4/16/2017

By underworldsqueen

I was in the house of a vampire with my family (or at least my mother, I'm not sure about the othes) and we were going around searching something to protect ourselves from them but we weren't agitated, we walked around like we had all the time in the world. In the end I found a rifle (one that I know from COD and that I hate) but we didn't find anything useful. So we went in this room with the vampire and some children which I don't know if were humans or not, and we both sat on an armchair and the vampire served us two glasses of water with at the bottom a piece of garlic and said to my mum "here with your favourite kind of onion". Neither of us drank. So my mother started talking with him and for some reason she talked about the head of an animal that she didn't remember if he had in one of his rooms, so he sent her and one of the children to check. So the vampire sat next to me on the armchair and started talking about how my rifle was useless and started talking (everything with dates, titles and authors) about the many books written against them, to kill them. And I wanted to tell him that I had nothing against his race till they didn't kill anybody but I couldn't talk. I woke up when my mother walked between us on the armchair coming from the center of the room even if she wasn't there anymore.