Not sure what to name it... it was kinda messed up idk

Date: 3/4/2017

By PandaDreamer7

Okay so i was walking along some rail road tracks and there all fucked up theres pices missing and its broken n it goes up and down. Its like broken like where it creates a stair like affect. N beneath the tracks is nothing but a huge giant pit that u would die falling in and at a point u gotta climb through a truck but theres a hole in the truck and u can fall through and die. N theres barely anything to grab onto to get past the hole but i make it past and climb out the window. N theres two guys who r lookin my way all creapy like n i get freaked out then i jump out the window and i run past them of course the one tries grabbing me n i run into a gas station n i tell someone n i stay in there and they come in and im with some girl following her around so i dont get kidnapped and then a cop comes and im like phew i can get outa here safe but then the cop nods at the kidnapper n im like oh hell no im not goin with u fuck that shit get tf outs here n i back away then they start killing everyone n im like omg no no no wtfs gunna happen to me whys this happening n i get cuffed n pulled outside n theyre sending people through a grinder n u can hear em screaming n they pour a bucket of blood outside n i nearly puke. N then the guys who were creepy came outside n theres 3 of them with the cop now n they got me n 3 others. N one the guys walks up to me n im backin away untill i cant anymore n he leans down n tried kissin me on the neck n i turn my head so he cant. N hes like uk u want me thats why u havnt ran. N i was thinkin no i havnt ran cuz u guys got a gun now. I did try runnin dumb ass. Look how that went people died. Then a camper rolls up n the guy tells me to get in n i slowly walk up the stairs and he follows me closing the door behind him and he pushes me down in a chair leaving me fuffed and idk where the skirt came from but i had a purple skirt on and he was tryna look up in n i kept my legs together and held it on but then he pulled it off n i was sitting in the chair still tryna pull on it n get it back. But he takes that shit n i start to cry n try waking up. N i see him gettin close as hell n i was closing my eyes like no its not real its not real its not real wake up wake up wake up n then i wake up.