The Voice

Date: 4/16/2017

By AbbyK

I just remember sitting on my bed when I was like, "the voice is on!" And my sister and I realized that we had missed the past couple of episodes. We turned it on and it still had some of our favorite people, which included a girl with short dark hair with some purple at the bottom, a young blond girl and this guy. There was also this girl that we hated that had long really dark hair and she was like the popular mean girl. As we watched it, I remember saying how it seemed like it was more of a reality show because it kept showing everyone fighting and acting crazy. Our grandma walked in and we told her. Then she stopped and basically told me that my sister was pregnant and I was super shocked at first and then said I wasn't that shocked because I knew she had a secret online boyfriend. I had no idea when she could have met up with him, though, because I saw her everyday all day.