Kickin it with stingrays and carchardonmegaledons

Date: 4/7/2017

By katiepainter97

Night of April 6th I had a dream that after going to my mountain house I went to a football game where I was on a floating dock. We were all smoking and had a crap ton of tree on the table. The table was kind of like a bar table where the stools were really high. I saw mrs.lavelle coming and freaked out. I shoved my bubbler to the side and she took a few people to detention. She came back for the rest of us, but instead of getting in trouble, she took us on an adventure. The football field somehow turned into a lake, a very light blue lake. Stingrays started to come up and graze our feet. I got scared but then I was ok with it. Nurse sharks then came to graze our feet. I was still ok with it. She told us to get in the water to scuba so we did. It was awesome but I was dodging all different kinds of sea life. There was a shark that was on the bottom of the lake floor that scared the daylight out of me. We were face to face and I swam the fastest I could to get out that bitch. The shark was the size of a growing carchardonmegaledon and he had a saw for a nose. He was black with evil yellow eyes. He was starring at me on the sea floor and I swam to this ramp where I finally got out. I saw mrs.lavell and the others. I looked to my right and saw a baseball field. Everyone was so grown up and were having kids and it made me wonder how long I was in the water for