Magic and Alligators

Date: 8/13/2017

By Abidoue

So, at first, I was at this new house like in Florida I think. Fancy little house in a fancy little neighbourhood. And then, there was the threat of alligators. I don't know why they specifically came for me, I thought oh at first they're small so I'll be okay just staying on the couch but NO. I basically tried every couch, counter and tables before locking myself up in the upstairs bathroom. I was panicking really because the gators wouldn't be stopped for long on the door that was already fading. So that's when I started randomly talking and begging to the gators. Something about all being friends, taking benefits out of it, new experiences and once in a lifetime opportunities. And it worked. They left. And when two girls came knocking on my door later saying I had called a sleepover, I knew they were the gators. But it was the most epic sleepover ever.