Singing Morning

Date: 7/31/2017

By DeadPlanet

🎼A building that I designed in an architecture project was a real building in my dream. There were vines growing all over it and it was a bright, clear morning. I was wearing a brown dress with a tropical look to it and my hair was partially curled and pulled back. I walked to my old church where I know everyone and everyone knows me. After the service, a little girl walked up to me and started singing. I sang along with her although I don't remember what exactly we were singing about. She had hair just like me when I was 4 or 5 with random baby hairs sticking out of her head and she had a white dress with lavender and pink ribbons. We laid down in the grass and a guy from my cross country team laid down next to us and sang with us. He was wearing a grayish blue suit and a brilliant smile but his hair was just as messy as always. It was really nice and we sounded really good. It was like we all knew one another enough to know our song and how it goes.