Date: 7/19/2017

By dreamingshields

There were two or three girls that I didn't like and they had a problem with me too It was like world war 3, we just kept pissing each other off, back and fourth I remember the last scene I was sitting at a desk, maybe at school? I was doing homework, and it was like a lot of pages that I had finished and two girls stood by me with a glass of wine I snatched my homework and backed away Then the girl changed her mind and held the glass up, head height. I laughed and said "go ahead. Do it." Just because it was better in my hair than on the homework. So she did and they laughed like they thought they won But I smirked and said "good thing I'm washing my hair tonight anyway." And it didn't worry me at all. I didn't even worry about my clothes. Ahaha