Perfect Blondes Getting Married

Date: 7/2/2017

By toxxicduck

The first thing I remember in the dream is being in a scrap yard during the day and looking around for random cool looking metal junk to take home to make art out of, or just to have, I guess. There were others with me, digging around. I know there was more to this part but I can't remember. Then I was outside the scrap yard and it was night. I was standing around with a big group of people. Most of them were blonde skinny white girly-girls, and they were talking about their dumb boring lives with their husbands and children and giggling, and basically just idle chatter of Moms, but they were reminiscent of my Mormon friends back in High School (most of them being blonde and now having full on families). It felt like I was at a party; being anxious about all these people around me and really not wanting to be there, but staying for some reason. We were in the driveway of a brick industrial building, next to a road. Across the street was the scrap yard, surrounded by a metal fence. I was kind of wandering around looking at the scenery, rather than paying attention to anything the women were doing, but I overheard a girl in a conversation say, sardonically, "I am not a valid person". I instantly knew she meant she was LGBT+ or something and got frustrated by her attitude about it. I said, very snarkily, "um, you are a person, you are valid just like every other human being on the planet." Then one of the other blonde women said "Yeah, just because you don't have a husband doesn't mean you're invalid. It's not like the only things a woman can do is get married and have kids." Someone else said "Yeah, but doesn't Syd want to have kids?" And then everyones heads turned to look at me . I tried to look uninterested and nonchalant about what they were insinuating about me. They all at once began asking "Don't you want to have kids, Syd? Isn't it true? Don't you want to be all domestic and wifey? Weren't you pregnant at one point? Whose your boyfriend now?" I started to panic and their voices started to sound like a tv static, so I covered my ears and huddled on the ground while they stood around me, until I got up and ran into the building. I might add that I had to get an abortion several months ago and have been extremely upset over it, so that's where all that craziness comes from. Inside the building, it was a house and Dad owned it, I think. I was in a room, sitting on a couch with all the blonde skinny women I just ran away from plus some good looking white blonde men now too. We were sitting around the room on couches and beds. I remember Dad being in the room and saying "make yourself at home" but meaning it like they were all moving in with us and becoming part of our family and then he left. I think my brother was there, but if he was he never said anything. People began talking about their plans for marriage, all of them being engaged or already married to someone else in the room. I just sat, listening. One guy, who looked like Tyler W without his beard kinda, was trying to talk about his plans for marriage with his fiancé, but a skinny blonde girl kept interrupting to ask him questions like 'how long have you been together?' Perfectly normal questions, but the guy was extremely uncomfortable with it. He said he had been with his fiancé for 12 years, and the girl was so utterly shocked, and said "what? Why didn't you TELL ME?!" And I realized that him and this girl were siblings and she was just finding out about this lady he was marrying. Ugh, this was a really stupid dream. The last thing I remember before waking up is noticing my cat Leelu sitting on another couch snuggled up on one of the good looking men, but she was staring really intently into my eyes (which is something she does normally, in real life). I felt jealous, like not even my own cat wants to be with me.