Vacation in circles

Date: 1/29/2017

By planetlainy

I was on vacation, we had all just graduated. My boyfriend, friend, family, EVERYONE, was with me. I decided to venture off to the board walk, and stumble across this weird building...kind of like a fun house. I was trying to find "a spot" for my boyfriend and I, and o decide in tue house is the right place. Now remember, my boyfriend wasn't with me. But somehow, i start sucking his dick? and then i panicked because i think someone is coming.. but i look out the window and see my boyfriends red truck zooming down the road. I hustle to find some clothes and head out of the building. All my friends are outside playing on the beach. My friend A Is with her friend M on the swings, my friend H who i haven't talked to in a while was there, along with a lot of people from school. I decide to put my purse down and walk around. it gets dark, and i'm far away from where that little building was. I keep walking and walking, running and running, but it's no where to be found. i try calling my boyfriend but he doesn't answer me. nor does my mother or anyone else. I remember running and running, trying to find some place. Nothing works. i'm running in circles.