Naptime Dream

Date: 6/26/2017

By Pattye2017

(I lost part of the dream) I was getting ready to give my four year old a bath. I was squatting down on the ground in front of the bathtub balanced on my toes while the water ran. She was so excited about bath time, she ran up and jumped on my back with her arms wrapped around my neck. I went partially under the water and could not breathe or in any way correct the situation because of the angle. I was slamming on the walls and tub and whatever I could reach trying to get someone's attention. (The four year-old just thought I was playing.) No one came to help me, and after resolving the situation, I found my 15 year old and husband were both within easy hearing distance, but had been distracted and not paying attention. As a result of this, I was feeling very ignored and unimportant. My daughter had gone to work, my son had gone to his friend's, and myself, the baby, and my husband were walking around the neighborhood. It was starting to help. Then my son's friend Amber and her single mom came up and started talking to my husband. Amber wanted to play with the baby and they had ordered too much Chinese food, so it would really be a good thing if they could come over, etc., etc. Now, my husband is wonderful, but occasionally dense, and was completely ignorant of the fact that this woman was sitting there not only coming on to him, but doing it right in front of me. With no discussing, they all took off together leaving me alone. In the event he turned to look, which seemed unlikely, I didn't want him to see me cry, do I sat on the ground behind a large tree crying, occasionally moving from one tree to the next, in a vaguely homeward direction, when a bus came by. I didn't know where the bus went, but I didn't care, so I got on. I was on the bus looking out the window when I saw my husband standing outside looking around. He then got a glimpse of me through the window as we drove past him, and began chasing the bus. Then I awoke to a knock on the door.