54. The strange dreams are back.(long)🔞

Date: 5/12/2017

By Raul

I am at a party in a hotel near the sea. I'm geting drunk and having fun in the pool. I meet a girl with big breasts and we go to her place. I fuck her in the asswhole and after I cum she says it's her turn. she turns around and reveals she has a dick to... I think to myself "well fuck! why the fuck not? let's give it a try" and I let her fuck me(I'm not gay, just kind of open minded and the tranny was verry hot). After that night we were fuck budies and we were picking up girls in bars and taking them to partyes followed by orgies. One nyght after a good orgy I was siting at the edge of the balcony and smoking a cigarette with a friend. We were verry drunk and we'ved fallen to our deaths. "This is not the end" I tought to myself when i realize... wait, I can think?... I should have puffed out of existance. I realize I am a ghost. I found my friend as a ghost and higed him. We start wondering around trying to find answers. We find some other ghosts in a museum that looked like Hagwards (the school from Harry potter). There were 2 female ghosts mocking another male ghost who was siting on a bench. I yelled at them to leave him be and asked what's theyre problem. They say his soul is decaing and slowly going to hell because he tried to do the revival trial and failed. I asked them to elaborate and They told me how I can do the revival trial but it's a big gamble and I'm better off just waiting 24 hours to pass to the after life. The revival trial is hard: First. you must posses a living human and steal the book of the dead from the miseum (a book made of human flesh) Second. you must make a sacrifice to the book ( find a human,kill him/her and offer his blod to the book) Third. go tho the place you died, replicate the exact scenario but find a way to survive your death...oh and you are constantly hunted down by the demontors from harry potter while you posses someone and if they catch you, they drag you straight to hell. I run off and posses the first man I see, grab the book of the dead and run out of the museum dodging the guards that tried to get the book back. when I get to a safe distance I stop to grab my breath, I hear a strange sound coming from around the corner... A dementor apears from behind the corner and starts chasing me"fucking christ ... that was the scarryest thing I'ved ever seen". I manage to run away from him because he was aproaching at a walking pase while I can run ( I can easyly escape if I don't get tired of running. lucky me I possesed an athletic body). I run to a disco and find the bigest duchebag in the world. I knock him out with a punch and drag him to the bathroom .The dementors apear closing up on me " I must hurry" I smash the mirror with my fist and cut his throat with a piece of glass offering him as my sacrifice. I was instantly thrown back in time to the moment I fallen off the balcony. In mid air I barely grab the metal corner of the balcony below and drag myself to safety. I was overwelmed by emotions and started crying waking up with tears in my eyes.