Date: 3/10/2019

By JillMagdalene

I was at the Royal Palace Buckingham Palace in England with Prince William he was giving me a tour he didn't know who I was and I was wearing a white puffy wedding dress I hadn't slept the night before and I was taking a tour of my new facilities he was flirtatious and nice and didn't understand why I was getting the Royal Treatment when he'd never heard of me I kept asking for a place to change and shower ( i was sweaty) and he kept introducing me to new rooms and tons of people he was partial to the men in the building he knew their names he didn't associate too much with the women I was in the office that handle the paychecks there was a man and a woman he spoke with the man and I spoke with the woman I asked her if she liked her job she said yes I asked her if she was respected and fulfilled she said yes it seems like a bit of an old boys club he introduced me to Harry and we walked around the building quite a bit it was crowded there were many many people and William reach back to grab my hand with his left hand through the crowd I grabbed it we walk together, he was flirtatious. we kept going through the Buckingham Palace and then we were in a room his wife Kate walked in and was not happy was very jealous. I am aware that William and Harry are somewhat tall but in my dream they were just slightly taller than I am they were not aware that I am the new Queen of England and I was taking stock of my new surroundings. I saw Peter Satan in one of the rooms during my tour. pounds time sheet receipts were a stack of carbon copy white and yellow paper