Hotel evacuation

Date: 1/28/2019

By MissKate

I am in a multi story hotel. Things happen within the hotel. Like at one point, I barricade myself in the room, but this woman slips in. She’s drunk and apparently she’s sexually offended a giant. The first time he bashes his way in and we are forced to yield the first weapon that comes to our hand (thankfully there are a few) to fend him off. I have no stomach for blades so I pick a blunt stick. We smack him together until he leaves and we win. Then somehow we are playing the same game again - with her coming in and him bashing his way in shortly afterwards. The weapons we choose this time are not sufficient - he wins and takes the woman to sexually ravage her. He ignores me. I realize I am horny, so now I lucidly call the process again, lose on purpose again and try to make the giant have sex with me. But he can’t, because he’s all spent, so I have to go into the waiting room and pick a random old guy and ask him because I’m super horny. Then there’s this announcement that the building is condemned and we have to get out within 45 minutes because it’s going to fill with water and then be blown up/destroyed. Suddenly my kids are with me. I end up protecting them both as we head down the stairs. We are looking for something. At one point I lose my daughter and I’m just frantic, but she reappears and I grab her and my son and we run down the stairs and out of the building with 20 minutes to go. Then we head into the main town, yet oddly I keep being distracted from my kids because I’m horny and want to go find someone to have sex with. (This is most irresponsible. I am not like this in waking life.) *** For some reason I’m reading Fi’s writing. It mentions my old character K, and three more M’s who he’s written as a follow on to K. I feel angry because I never consented to this. But as I’m not working there, it’s none of my business.