22. Just my usual strange dreams.

Date: 2/2/2017

By Raul

I am working at the citty hall and I decide to spend the night with my coleagues ( my reason being not having enough time to sleep if i drive home...ikr,funny logic). The citty hall looked diferent in my dream than in reality. We are watching a moovie and my granpa and mom apear out of nowhere to take me home. I hop into my car and start driving home. I get lost and end up in an old farm. The people at that farm have a baby fat aligator and a red centaur swan ( half horse half red swan) it had too many legs 6 that it was using to walk and another 4 smaller undeveloped feet on its but. The baby aligator was playfull ,like a dog. Some wemen came to the farm to buy the red centaur swan but the old lady refused to sell it.