Bake shops; relationships; sadness

Date: 9/13/2019

By Ether_Erebus

Has a weird dream( started out at the gym but it’s like all of the equipment was taken away and it was filled with people giving out samples of food. I saw Jas there, and he was eating and giving away popcorn. Fast forward a bit, there’s a white guy who’s asking questions to two other people who I know I know but I can’t remember who they are. Essentially, I’m this dream I keep going in and out of third person POV and first person POV. This guy is asking them questions, and I’m helping them answer them. We start talking and he’s really charming/sweet etc. He’s built like a tank. I wake up and go back to bed. Here, we’re in this weird place of being with the Vancouver family and being in a home that contains all of us. It’s some sort of occasion and they’re all sitting on couches in a room and I say, “I would never got married like you guys; it’s all a show and it’s not worth it” and the Vancouver family gets so riled up. I end up leaving the room and going to the kitchen to drink some sunny D/ Vitamin D packets because I feel like I’m getting sick. Daman is going the same. I wake up and go back to bed. In this dream, I’m me but not really. This version of me is baker and is not me, I’m in someone else’s body. She’s white and looks like a plump Ann Hathaway. The guy from before (the white guy) is British and he asks her to marry him. She initially says idk, and then as time goes on, her bakeshops is taking over and stressing her out. Somehow it moved to London. And something happens where they break off the relationship. But then as she’s even more miserable, she ends up finishing where he is, saying the same speech to him at a pier and then as she gets down on one knee to propose, she faints. I wake up and go back to bed. I’m me again, with hints of the old version of me. She’s happy, I’m baking in my shop. I also live there. It’s snowing and I turn on the heat as I enter. The people are all lined up outside and I’m still in my PJs. I wake up and go back to bed. Something happened and I’m closing down the shop. I’m cleaning up and I hear mice in my walls. I cry. People help me move everything out of the bake shop and I still live upstairs. The white guy from before, idk if we’re still in a relationship but he comes and he brings me a gift and it’s a going away gift of some sort. He gets me a car. He tells me he’ll always be there for me, I’m his forever person. We take all of the snow off the car and go for a ride. Somehow the ride turns into this egg shaped plastic sphere that can fit 3 people and it sounds like a skateboard on the sidewalk but it has no wheels. Idek how but it works. And then I wake up.