Circ de Fuck me

Date: 9/21/2019

By Genesis_Dreemurr

Me and you were sitting at my mammies. We lived down there, I had a ring that let me control rocks, and i was messing around with it. We decided to go to a circus. complete with animals and games. There was even an old white man who had a cyborg. She looked so human. We were walking around when i wanted to look at something, but you didn't care for it. So you went back to this small condo looking room we were staying at for the circus. After sometime later and me talking to the cyborg i made my way back to room. Only to find you at the door escorting out a black lady, a fucking professional whore. I immediately realized this, and started yelling at you as she walked away. I started grilling you, but you persisted it was nothing. this continued until i ended up at the tent where she worked out of. she was with a customer when i barged in yelling "what the fuck did you do" realizing the situation i took my tone down to a more polite one. "im sorry mam, i know this is just your job, but could you please tell me what happened between you and my partner?" She then told me she had only sucked your dick. I said thank you and left the tent, to find you outside. I slapped you hard and walked away without a word. you tried to follow me and calm me down but i wasn't having it. you said you were sorry and an evil idea came into my head. So i gave you a choice. Either we're done, or you admit what happened on live Tv, on the Ellen show. You reluctantly agreed. I left you at the studio where you would be broadcast and left for Covington. I got back into town to find the old man had abandoned the cyborg girl, and she felt it, she was... really messed up. She recognized me and started to follow me around with teary eyes. We were in the Walmart parking lot when i heard what sounded like a gun shot. then i saw before me, a rabbit, flying through the air, the fall killed it and i started crying. she saw aswell and was horrified, she shared my love of rabbits. Another rabbit hit the ground, with a splat, with red. She took me by my hand and started running, in the road, towards Jackson st. I just went with it as she led me away from the gory scene. We ran and ran. Up into the woods, where a stone path was made known to me. It was smooth stone, with a stone ceiling and walls. she let go of me as we ducted through the low ceiling passage. and all the sudden we here this... thump... thump... thump... giant booming steps above are heads. We get to a break in the passages ceiling to see a giant, there, looking curiously akward. this giant i had seen in another dream, and he had chased me through a maze. Now, as if he knew i recognized him, he gently held out a long strapped purse. My purse. I was filled with delight from the kind gesture, and slowly took my bag with a smile. He smiled back at me, and left. Me and the cyborg continued down the path till we reached a room. "a safe place" she called it. i sat down to look at her, she was white, but not quite pale. she had chesnut hair and freckles, and she was taller than me. I pulled out my phone to see where you were only to get the news that after admitting what you'd done you had no wish to come back. I cryed onto the girl and she held me as i did.