A weird series of vague events

Date: 7/11/2019

By derekcook

I want to note that before I fell asleep last night, I was listening to an astral projection binaural beat for about 30-40 minutes before I had to readjust to get comfortable since I was not reaching the vibration stage. After I opened my eyes I was looking all around my room and would see slight hallucinations of black streaks. It looked like just black smoke, but concentrated, to where it streaked around everywhere I looked and I was in shock. I stared at them for a while before the began to fade slowly. I ended up taking my airpods out and laying down to sleep. Dream: I remember walking around a building that didn’t have much significance, there was a game or event we played, similar to Fortnite but real life scenarios. It had nothing to do with the aspect of Fortnite, just the outline. There was no shooting, mainly just a party of people gathering all outside at an unknown grassy location. It was weird because I remember a few wood and metal build structures. At the end of this game/whatever I was traveling through, there was an end character that I spoke to about something that I don’t remember, I just know it was important enough to have a vague memory of. I also did a reality check when I was on the street crossing some market (this might’ve been before the “game/event” I was in). I saw the label on some item and realized it didn’t feel real, i shifted the atmosphere and then thought about projection. I tried to project but just felt a huge sensation. It felt like my astral body was being tugged on and that I was close, after this my dream shifted elsewhere or who knows I could’ve been mindlessly projecting... After “waking up” a few times I was in my room but my bed was not in the same position nor did it really look like my room so I did a reality check when I saw my dad coming into my room and saying what I was doing was completely “re-legal” and I think he pointed a gun (I think it was a gun, either that or it was a hard threat) at me. This is when I “woke up” once again, not sure if it was a real wake up or just a other lucid awakening. I was downstairs in my kitchen sitting by the counter and all of a sudden Ryan, my grandma and grandpa walk into the house. I was shocked because I had still not fixed his car like he had asked me to, I asked him why he was home so early and he just kinda brushed it off like “look I brough grandma and grandpa with me, what’s the big deal” kind of mentality. Then, he proceeded to tell me I put the wrong bolts on his car, although I have not even started on his car...Ryan then disappears into the garage. So I was talking to my dad ok the kitchen about how my brother smokes a lot of weed and how he might need to take it down a notch (Note: first night recording a dream in this app, and also did not smoke before bed making my dream extremely vivid) and my dad also agreed and said he wants to talk to him about it. I admitted that I smoked but I also a have a will power to stop and don’t really have it interfering with my everyday life, just a social thing. I remember exclaiming to him “he will not listen” and then my mom chimes in and wanted to talk to him about the situation too. People in my dream: some immediate family (don’t remember), mom, dad, Ryan, grandma, grandpa, Uncle Mee, Taylar, Uncle Sean, Kathy, Poe, Elliot and some friends I can remember and a lot of distant characters that I remember were there but can not attach a name or face. When I saw Poe and Elliot we were at my kitchen table looking at an old photo of myself, Kaylee , Poe, and Elliot standing behind a picture cut out frame and somehow had a Snapchat filter on our faces and we were sitting outside of Pleasant Park (Fortnite), mind you this photo was from when I was dating my ex around 16-17 and Snapchat filters were not a thing, nor could they added to a photo that you would print out from a CVS/Walgreens. I made a smart remark to Elliot, not realizing Poe was still there, about him and Kaylee (knowing present that they’re dating now) and I felt bad cause Poe was actually right behind me, he also said something that I do not remember, but he had a sincere/apologetic type of tone.