Hillbilly Break in

Date: 8/27/2017

By DesertDream

I had a dream I was moving so my family and I were packing up the last boxes and some ghetto, racist hillbillies tried to break in and take over the house even though we were moving from there so they just started breaking in and trying to run us out so the son was running up the steps and either me or my sister throw a suitecase at their head and he fell down the steps and on to his mother (leader) and said "ma she hurt my head" and she said get over yourself if want something done you gotya do it yourself so she did something (I DON'T REMEMBER WHAT) and then we were in the car and she tried to jump inside so something happened because of her so I was the only one awake and nobody else could wake up so I tried to drive the car and couldn't stop so that SAME crazy lady helped me drive the car to a pit stop and I got out to get gas from inside and then I saw FREAKING 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER inside and I was trying not to stare after I got the gas I almost bumped into Calum and tgen we started talking and I don't know but I told him the whole story that happened and then I was talking with 5sos and OUT OF NOWHERE they turned into the cast of kickin't (I WAS PISSED BUT DREAM ME I DON'T I WAS STILL TALKING) and then some band agent was saying that they would help me find my band and then brought me to meet the Jonas Brothers and I only got to take a picture with one (that wasn't even a real person like some made up brother) and then I went inside my house to tell my sister everything that happened and then I was waking up I would have stayed asleep but that dream was borning after the "changes that happened"