Hillbillies, Sea Monsters, and Zombies! Oh my!

Date: 8/24/2017

By toxxicduck

I dreamt I visited my childhood friend Betsy in another town. She lived in a crappy run down two story house that was falling apart. Everything was rotting brown wood, and floor along the walls and everything with a surface was cluttered in junk and papers, but the only furniture was a dining table with chairs. The living area was empty except for some shelves on the side of the wall. She also lived with her parents who in the dream were this hillbilly couple, her mother being extremely obese and angry and the father being small and never speaking so it was like he wasn't even there. They were exactly how I imagined Jeannette's grandparents in the book The Glass Castle, and weren't Betsy's parents in real life at all. They were also really creepy for some reason, and it felt like I was dealing with the family in Resident Evil: Biohazard or something. There were also children bumbling around the house, but they seemed kind of distant and lifeless, like they weren't all there and none of the adults acknowledged their existence. The mother forbade me from going to the second floor, but that is where they took my duffle bag full of clothes. The duffle bag was the pink one with little xoxo's all over it that I had to borrow from my sister recently for camping. Also, apparently, at night zombies would attack, but since it was daytime everything was fine. But throughout the dream there was this constant ominous "doomsday" feeling, because we knew, once sundown happened, we were screwed. We decided to go to a lake before sundown, for fun. I called it a lake in the dream, but it was more like a swampy lagoon place. We wore bathing suits, me in a pink spotted bikini and Betsy in a blue one piece, but we knew that the water was infested with monsters that would attack us, so we couldn't even touch the water at all. I've had dreams of this swampy place before and knew that in the deepest part of the water, there were "high leveled" monsters swimming deep. When thinking about them I even saw a little red name above them like in a videogame. I took a walk around the side of the lake, trying to find a monster, because I was curious. I came upon a cave, snuck up to it, and inside I saw a high level shark that was flopping around the cave as if it were a seel or a walrus. It also had the head of the shark that was on an old Hot Wheels track I used to have as a kid. I made my way back to Betsy, but accidentally stepped into the water. I could feel a mass of a monster bubbling out of the water next to me because of it. I was terrified and refused to look at it because I knew it would /definitely/ attack me if I did, but out of the corner of my eye I saw a white blobby mass of something made out of bones; I saw skulls and ribcages bunched together. I ran away, refusing to look at it fully, until I knew I was safe. I returned to Betsy and she had two other people with her now, a guy who looked like an old ex Steven and a girl who was his girlfriend, but not someone I recognized in real life. All in bathing suits. We laid down on two big blankets on the beach of the lake, sunbathing and chatting. But then Steven's girlfriend fell asleep, and Betsy randomly disappeared, and suddenly Steven was trying to have sex with me because his girlfriend was asleep and wouldn't know. I was like "dude! She could wake up at any second!" I was more concerned about her seeing us in the act than actually allowing him to cheat on his girlfriend and having sex with some random person (haven't gotten laid in awhile, irl). Then the dream sort of skipped over and we were at Betsy's house again and it was still daytime. Steven, his girlfriend, and now some other people were with us there and we sat around the dinner table. There was no food on the table, but it felt like we were having a big Thanksgiving sit-together or something. Everyone student began getting up to leave. Steven and the other people began thanking Betsy's mother and giving her hugs. Every time someone hugged her, I heard a "squish" sound, like the sound of squeezing a sponge. It was highly disturbing. Everyone was leaving because it was going to be nighttime soon. I also put on my shoes to leave for some reason, even though I was spending the night there. My shoes were gray high-top Converse which I don't own in real life. Betsy's parents disappeared and Betsy started moving around looking busy, preparing for nightfall when the zombies would attack. I remembered my duffle bag and I needed it for whatever reason, but was still forbidden to go upstairs. I asked Betsy to get it for me, but she said to just go up and get it myself. I looked up the narrow staircase, which led straight to a door. I wasn't sure if her creepy parents were up there or not. I was super scared and didn't want to, but I NEEDED my duffle bag. I decided to at least take my shoes off first, since I might as well be as polite as possible about going somewhere forbidden. Betsy's permission wasn't good enough. I tried to take my shoes off but, for the life of me, I couldn't untie my laces. I then noticed one of the kids nearby and completely forgot about my shoes and duffle bag. The boy was slightly older than a toddler, maybe 5 years old, and giggling. He held a dirty white slab of plastic that looked like a broken piece of a toy and I noticed it was covered in numbers scratched into it. I was curious about it. As I went to look, I heard Betsy say "what numbers does it say? Is there a 29 or a 13?" I analyzed the numbers, and saw many numbers that I don't remember, mostly double digits, but not a 13. I said "there's a 29." And she laughed and said "that means he's hungry." Then I began helping Betsy prepare for the oncoming zombie invasion. I went to a cupboard on the wall next to the dining table and an "edit mode" appeared in my vision, like I was playing a videogame. I was able to rearrange the furniture and walls just by looking at them, like in Fallout 4. At first I asked Betsy where we should put things for protection, but she wasn't giving me good answers. I decided to fortify the place as best as possible by my own standards to keep the zombies out. I went out front and the house was on a huge empty green lot with nothing else on it but the house, it was like Minecraft flat world. JUST the house in a never ending green expanse. But this meant I could do whatever I wanted. I started to make it near impossible for groups of zombies to get to the door, making a narrow zigzag path of fences to it. I guess the rules were I couldn't block the door, like Team Fortress or something. I then created a huge maze that went in huge ridiculous circles that would make the zombies take forever to actually reach the house. As I worked, zombies began to appear and run through my maze (even though it wasn't night yet). They were just like the zombies in State of Decay, with their arms waving all around as they ran, but then would suddenly just stop running and be standing normal, as if momentum and physics didn't exist. I used them to test my maze and make sure it actually worked how I wanted. But I woke up before actual doomsday nightfall happened.