Dating Cami, reversing My Car

Date: 8/19/2017

By snails

I was at a rally in Poland speaking cubically on the concept of dating online and how the dating pool in Poland was slowly and slowly becoming more clean and wholesome. I was standing in the front entryway of a large city hall type building and the speech translator would record my message and then say it out loud like once sentence at a time. Somehow the machine started to malfunction and my audience lost interest. I went inside. Cami (@tututooru) was in my dressing room playing some weird combination of overwatch and borderlands. I didn't talk to her because even though we were dating we were definitely still fighting. Don't know what about. Walked away from the situation to a book shelf and tried to grab a book. All of a sudden it hurts to open my eyes. I can barely open them. They're sore and I'm half blind and Luke Bredeson from CCA grabs my hands to say, "have you ever heard of Jesus? He gives the gift of sight." I freak out and pull away. I try to talk to Cami but Aaron K is there and they're arguing. Cami gets up and storms out of the room. Aaron is dating Kailey losey. I keep calling Cami "mercy" like it's her actual Fucking name and she goes "haha it's cute. You call me mercy more than anything else. I like it." I smile and try to leave the building. My car is wedged into a tiny parking space and Also it about one foot tall. I pull it out of the parking space like a drawer and climb in while some polish guy heckled me in English about overwatch. Trying to reverse out of my space is hell and I almost get hit twice. I finally drive away and then suddenly realize I didn't turn my GPS on. I have no idea what freeway to take. I fumble to turn it on. I take the i5 south and instantly thinking of how shitty traffic will be. Poland is apparently only as far away as Bellingham. M