Date: 6/10/2017

By madalynnrose

It was based in the future, I think it was two or three months, because I was in highschool. I don't know how you became a zombie in my dream, but I didn't want to find out. We would all live our normal lives, but we had to be careful of who we let in and out of every building. I don't know why, but zombies wouldn't go onto the main roads. Tyler got turned into a zombie and wouldn't stop following me, but I didn't care that he got turned, because he's acting like a bitch and likes Mason better than me. (Mason's my stepbrother) After everyone got a hold on living in a world with zombies Buzzfeed opened an office in North Houston (not far north with all the rich white kids, but where Dekaney is.) It was called Buzzfeed chocolate. Becky came to offer high schoolers jobs there when they graduated. She kept asking all theses kids, and they were all rude. She then came up to me, and I said yes. I then noticed that she was sad, so I offered to take her to the donut shop that was across the street. She agreed to go, and she became my friend. I don't know what happened after that, because I woke up.