Everyone dying in fire and Denny’s

Date: 7/18/2019

By iishgenosisii

I was at Walmart looking at the makeup at then this old woman(she had white grey hair into a bun) bumps into the young woman(she had long brown hair) who was standing still. She got mad and started pulling her hair. I walked around the makeup area to see what I liked and I heard the younger woman moaning to the old woman pulling her hair. I looked around again and hear her moaning again. I checked one final time what was happening and this old lady had this huge pencil that was sharpened and was thrusting it in and out of the hole of the woman’s chest. People were taking videos, including me, and I was trying to figure out of the younger woman liked it or she was moaning in pain but didn’t want to do anything to the older woman because then people would thing SHE is doing the wrong thing of hurting a innocent woman. When that was happening and I was recording half of the left side of the store had the lights turned of and there was barley light on the right side, it looked a bit scary in the video. Then there was an announcement of some sort and videos on Walmart screens showed of people being put into these tubs (there was lava underneath the entire room) and they enter this grey thing we can’t see. I tried questioning people but I couldn’t get a verified answer. I was panicking and trying to get some things before I hid inside a room in Walmart(it was like an apartment room). I tried getting spirituality stuff so I can make it alive but there was a man next to it that was working and I couldn’t steal it(I had like around $12 and just a small bag for crystals and stuff was $24.something something) so I asked him which gem would be best for manifesting things. The man looked at me and said ‘manifesting like..’ and I said stuff and he put his head infromt of me cuffed by his hand. I said manifesting stuff again and I left because he wasn’t helping me. Instead I went to this cashier in the front and asked him what was happening. He said people were being burned to death and I got scared. I said ‘how do you know?’ And he responded with because I’ve been through it (it was pewdiepie telling me this). I said sorry and went to the next cashier to buy stuff and he said ‘don’t tell me sorry don’t pity me’ he was offended. I asked for a water battle and gave her three dollars and she put a chicken piece on the counter. I said ‘uh the water bottle’ and she made the face of ‘oh ya’ and gave me one or two red party cups with chicken and fries. I said ‘I said a water bott-‘ I cut off and left because this is a better deal. I get free food and a cup to refill with water. I went to the drink dispensers and tried to find water by instead I found a lemonade drink and it was good enough. I poured it into the cup with the chicken and fries since I couldn’t hold it with my other hand I think I was holding bags. I went into the apartment room that was right next to the water dispensers and saw this girl I knew. I don’t know if we were friends but she was pretty chubby and I think had makeup on. I told her what was happening. She knew it was happening, it’s all happening because of her. I asked her how? She said there is this guy that is obsessed with her and she doesn’t want to date him(he looked like the bling bling boy from Johnny test but there was a slight difference) . I hid in the closet and put blankets over my body. Then the guy that liked her came in and talked to her. He said all she had to do was just date him. He was still denying him. So he asked someone in front of her to end to entire population and he did(except for me I was still in the closet). Then it was only two of them. He left and came back later. He came into the room and was shocked. The girl he like didn’t have her makeup on and he thought she looked ugly(there was barley a difference with and without makeup). He left and now I was the chubby girl. I walked outside and I was naked. I was walking with my family and I was my normal self in my normal body. I wasn’t really ashamed of my body but when my mom noticed guys catcalling I covered my boobs and we went to the nearest house. The neighbor next to the house we were gonna go in was staring at me. When we got in the house we left with a dress on my body. We went into a car and my mom asked what do you guys want in-n-out or Denny’s. I wanted in-n-out because burgers sounded good to me. We were in front of Denny’s and my mom was about to drive away but my brother mad a face and I said let’s just eat at Denny’s and I assured him with a slight smile(I saw two people I knew inside Denny’s from the window and I hesitated a bit) I didn’t say let’s eat Denny’s for him tho I said it because inside the restaurant was someone I knew I was destined to be with. And my mom said ‘okay’ and drove through both open doors. My mom literally drove inside Denny’s and ‘I said what are you doing?’ (As in where are you going?) she said ‘to Denny’s’. And I realized she doesn’t really like the Denny’s closer to our house because the service is bad instead we are going to one that is farther. I was upset and looked at where she was driving. We were going up a grassed hill with small signs in the way so. She swerved around the signs.