Sleep Paralysis #3

Date: 3/3/2017

By kidneypunch

I had another Sleep Paralysis dream. It started as myself getting a cup of water for a paint-by-number I had recently bought. I had entered the bathroom and when I was filling up the cup, I noticed that something was wrong with the mirror. The mirror vanished and my head was thrown back violently, almost like I was having a seizure. But I was looking around and making weird noises and I was standing up the entire time. I thought to myself; "If I wake up, I'll be okay." I began singing to myself, when I seemingly woke up in my bed. I seen this face that was on the top bunk of my bunk bed, peering down at me. I asked it: "Why do you..." but it cut me off with a laugh and mocked what I said. I tried getting off the bed, but It wouldn't let me. It felt like I was being pinned down by something. I said something again, but something happened. (I think I asked, "why are you doing this?" but I can't remember.) After that, I tried to hit the face, but I was too weak to move. When I tried the third time, I actually woke up and smacked what was supposed to be the 'face'. It was actually a zebra sheet hanging off the top bunk.