Coworker invited me to play hooky

Date: 2/15/2021

By Purple

I was back at the job I just got laid off from two weeks ago. In real life, it is a very quiet office. In the dream, there seemed to be a lot of talking and walking around. The lady who I became friends with during my time there, asked me to go for a walk with her outside, and maybe to the parking lot. I couldn’t figure out why she made that suggestion. I did not want to get in trouble for leaving the office when it wasn’t break time. I told her no, that would make me very uncomfortable. I have been aware of people being gone from their desk for a very long time and nobody notices. She said,”oh yeah?” then walked away. She then returned and asked me to repeat that statement. I sat down at what appeared to be a bench or a sofa. The guy to my right turned to me to make a comment. I saw who it was. It was the oldest son of a business I used to work for in New York. When he turned to me, he said something along the lines of being careful and watching what I say. I believe he said that from the vantage point of a friend and not as a threat. Dream faded.