mums death

Date: 2/4/2017

By heyimjett

This was a lucid dream so it was 10x horrible. Mum decided to take my father and my 2 siblings to disney land. It was far from australia but we got there. Mum wanted to go on this huge ride called the spine breaker. So i went on cosi was the only game one. We were going in loops amd twists until the the ride was side ways and just stopped.the man said thankyou for roding young woman and pressed a button that unclipped her harness and safety bar and she was hanging onto a seat belt until her fingers slipped. The last thing i saod to her was i love you as she fell to her death. I got down and raced over to her. She was already gone. People tried to drag me away but i refused to go. I turned around and i was stabbed in the stomach by my friend sunny and she said no one cares ablut you. I felt being stabbed and it hurt alot. But i didnt die. I ran away. Befoe this dream i watched shane dawsons video on lucid dreamingand he said if it gets bad kill yourself in the dream. So i got on top of a building and jumped. A rope was in the way and i was haning. It was the most painful thing i have ever felt. Worse than being stabbed. Yet i was alive. I couldnt get out of this dream. The rope disappears and i fall onthe ground i get up and i see my dad driving towards me woth a car and hits me. That is when i wake up covered in sweat. Now im going to copy and paste this into shanes comments to tell him killig myself didnt work. I will post next lucid dream