Final goodbye at work

Date: 2/8/2021

By Purple

I was working at the company (that just let me go in real life). I was looking for a supervisor to let them know that I was leaving for the day. There were no supervisors around. In fact,I saw there hardly anyone was around. The whole entire office was dark. I can barely see shadows of people. I looked into offices and couldn’t see anybody. Sometimes I can sense someone. I heard two coworkers talking together, but I did not want to talk to them. They were the mean and belittling coworkers. I continued to look around for someone else. Eventually I saw guy working on his computer in the middle of an open area of cubicles, if that makes sense. It was the only computer on. He was working in the dark. I asked him how he can work that way. He said he enjoyed it that way. I told him I was taking off for the day, and he acknowledged and said that he will pass the word along. Dream ended.