Truck hit a big fat cat, I ate shrooms

Date: 2/13/2017

By Nedim286

We were driving on autobahn , truck hit a big fat cat We stopped Put the warnsignals on I went behind the truck to put the warning triangle The cat was really big and fat and kinda cut in half and smushed it was dead for sure Went back to my car Suddenly there were like a lot more cars stopped All of then were Bosnians My dad asked where they're going They said to a Bosnian party My dad asked of they wanna go to venlo smoke a joint I went behind the truck there was a cat just standing there like a statue And a dog Turns out the cats paw was broken I tried to help, but the cat smothered me. But then was alright, it was just in shock I tried to help but couldn't, tried to make a brace with sticks but it didn't want it I looked at the dog he was gone But I looked up he was on a tree He was talking I don't remember what he said Suddenly he was back down, turns out it was another reslly big fat cat, was brown, it had a splinter in his right ear, I took It out the cat said "yo wtf are you doing!... Omg Thank you so much!" It felt better now that the splinter was out I went back to my parents and the Bosnians They were sitting at a table in the back of a truck They had 4 bowls 1 with Champignons, behind that with shrooms that make you hallicnitate and behind that 2 more bowls with normal mushrooms idk which tho I ate the shrooms My face felt super heavy Like the skin was just dropping on to the floor I couldn't keep my head up It passed after 3min I talked with everyone About the cats ear I took a few more shrooms Now thousands of these brown fat bugs crawled from the outside, inside the truck But I had powers They reacted to electromagnetic fields I created those and therefore could control the herd of bugs And moved them away from us Dream end